Introducing: Aloha Got Soul, The Record Label (and the concept behind the AGS logo design)


It's been a dream of mine since launching this blog, and now it's finally a reality.

After years of writing reviews, interviewing artists, compiling mixes, and fueling interest in Hawaiian funk for the collective consciousness of music lovers worldwide, the time has come.

Aloha Got Soul is now a record label, focusing on quality reissues of rare and relatively unknown Hawaiian soul, funk, rare groove and beyond. The first release will be a 7" from Mike Lundy, due out soon.

A full LP reissue is underway, and future projects with other local artists are in the works. Every release will be available on vinyl and digital formats.

Mike Lundy and I met earlier this year to discuss a proper reissue of his coveted LP, The Rhythm Of Life.

Mike Lundy has been a blessing to work with for the label's first release. He and I have a lot in common. From the very beginning we've connected on a deeper level, sharing the understanding that music is more than just one's own creation or art, music is a universal vibration that inspires love in us all. Mike has placed an enormous amount of trust in me with his music. Which continues to inspire me to do my very best in launching this record label.

When designing the logo, I sought the help of a friend, local graphic designer Kevin Goto. In our notebooks, we scrawled thoughts on the label's mission and sketched numerous ideas of how to represent this music visually: 

Soul is about making connections
Deeper than the surface.
Connecting people to the islands.
Connecting previous generations to present generations.
So many waves were made in Hawaii's past, but so many went unnoticed.

This process of refining the mission helped establish a concept for the logo: that the music of our islands is one, regardless of genre or generation.

It quickly became evident that the wave provides the perfect symbolism for this: for every wave in the ocean is connected. And so, that's how the logo for Aloha Got Soul, the record label, came into existence.

I've been truly inspired by everyone involved in Aloha Got Soul, from fans and listeners to artists and mentors. I couldn't have made it here without your support. As Aloha Got Soul continues to develop as a record label, I look forward to ushering forth another chapter in Hawaii's music history.

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