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Monday's blog post painted a vivid perspective of the the weekend music sale in Hawaii—thousands of dusty LPs on sale, collectors anxiously waiting to flip through wax, the Hawaiian sky beaming gorgeous blue. I've been updating the Aloha Got Soul Instagram account frequently, featuring snapshots of records dug up over the weekend—Hal Bradbury, The Aliis, Summer, Ron Tish, Nohelani Cypriano, Cecilio & Kapono. (Yes, you should start following me on Instagram.)
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More Photos from the Record Sale

Saturday morning, the garage doors rolled all the way up. For a few moments the collectors outside didn't know what to do. Can we go in? Is there an admission fee? Everyone understood real quick: game on. The people poured in, short of a stampede but still filled with loads of excitement, carrying empty crates and boxes soon to be filled with dusty vinyl. At that point, I knew I'd better start digging, too. Here's what I captured when I looked up from flipping through records.
The "Collectibles Corner" filled up quickly. The "Collectibles Corner" filled up quickly. Dennie from Hungry Ear wore his Record Store Day tee.
Collectors look through the Pop section. In deep concentration. Looking through the Pop section for R&B, rock, disco, and more.
Home Grown mail order inserts. Home Grown mail order inserts. Can someone please find me one of these old shirts?
Surprisingly, the sale wasn't crowded elbow-to-elbow. Some collectors were worried the event would be blown out after I announced the sale and posted the flyer last week. But not that many people showed up in the morning. At 9:00 am, the handful of Hawaii music collectors who woke up early on a Saturday were here having a good time. For the first hour everyone was pulling good finds and a few gems (more on those later!). The people I talked to spoke positively of their scores. It sounded like everyone found something good this year.
Digging through records. Digging through records. I now know three of the five collectors pictured here thanks to Aloha Got Soul.
Barry made an appearance. Barry made an appearance.
Ready to make a new discovery. Ready to make a new discovery. Shout out to Oliver for always finding good music.

More finds coming soon

Although I scored tons more vinyl at the Harry's Music Store sale, where I came home with about a hundred records (and made a mixtape from my finds), I left the Friends of the Library of Hawaii music with enough vinyl to last me—20 solid Hawaiian LPs, plus a box of other finds from Monday's mega sale. Stay tuned for more updates on what I found: Subscribe to the mailing list here, or follow Aloha Got Soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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