"I'll Remember You" x 2


Kuiokalani Lee was by no means a jazz or funk musician, but his music poured directly from the soul. A singer/songwriter whose compositions helped launch the career of Don Ho, as well as bridge the gap between traditional Hawaiian and pop music, Lee gave us what are his only recorded performances on The Extraordinary Kui Lee. The album was released just days before he died at age 34. "I'll Remember You", Lee's biggest hit, boasts a long list of covers (the most well-known performed by—well, just google it.) One of the grooviest renditions? Gotta be Aura's. In a clever twist, the band uses their horns to "sing" half the lyrics. It's welcomed departure from Lee's sweet yearning that makes for a good dance floor jam. I couldn't find Kui's original version anywhere, so I combined both into one video.

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