Hungry Ear's New Location in Honolulu + Hawaii Record Fair 2014

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July! Where have you gone?! Slow down already, it's nearly August! I can confidently speak for my friends Dennie and Ward at Hungry Ear when I say that this month has been crazy busy, a whirlwind of exciting news and opportunities and, of course, responsibilities to be tended to. Owning an independent record store—one that's bringing in new releases regularly and buying other people's collections daily—is one thing, but running said business and organizing Hawaii's annual record fair at the same time? (The only one of its kind in the state, I should mention). But wait, there's more: Hungry Ear is closing it's doors in Kailua, where the institution has been located for 35 years, and moving to Honolulu.
Hungry Ear's Kailua store in February, 2014. Hungry Ear's Kailua store in February, 2014.
Yup, their last day at the iconic Kailua storefront will be Friday, July 19th. They're opening in Honolulu on August 1st at their new home: 2615 South King Street, Suite A-100. (Across the street from where Jelly's—or Cheapo's, rather—was once located in Puck's Alley).
"We are heartsick to announce that we have to move what has always been our flagship store, but ever-rising rents, as well as the changing profile of Kailua, makes it impossible to stay in our current location and Kailua. We invite all our friends from Kailua, Waimanalo and Kaneohe to come by so we have the chance to say goodbye and thank you for thirty-five great years."

What does this mean for music lovers on Oahu?

Well, if you live in town then you'll have easier access to not one but two record shops nearby: Jelly's in Kaka'ako and now Hungry Ear in the McCully/Moiliili neighborhood. (Again, their new address is 2615 South King Street, Suite A-100.) If you're accustomed to having a vinyl retailer a short drive from your Windward side abode, then you'll need to plan out a trip over the Pali to pay Dennie and Ward a visit. (I'm kinda joking, because the travel time from Kailua to Honolulu is fairly short, but us islanders like to make a fit about driving to the other side of the island.)
"Founded by three friends—Luke Yamashiro, Dennis Chun and Reynold Kong—in the summer of 1980, the store has persevered through good times and bad, through four store locations and six U.S. Presidents, from vinyl to cassette to compact disc and back to vinyl again."

Before you plan your first trip to Hungry Ear's new location... sure to plan your trip to the third annual Hawaii Record Fair. Happening Sunday, July 27, 2014, this year promises another annual gathering of vinyl enthusiasts from across the island.
Hawaii Record Fair, packed. Hawaii Record Fair, packed.
Collectors will come out from the woodwork to sell records to friends and strangers. Stores like Jelly's, Secret Record Store and Audiolab will be selling vinyl and audio equipment. The local college radio station KTUH will offer up pieces from its archives as well. And droves of diggers will be there early, so be sure to get there early too.
Hawaii Record Fair 2014 Hawaii Record Fair 2014
It's been a doozy of a July, my head's spinning with all these happenings. How about you?

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