Hawaii Record Fair 2013: Reinvigorating the Local Music Community


You probably wouldn't have guessed it when you walked into the McKinley High School cafeteria last July, where the thousands of records, tapes, CDs and stereo equipment were seemingly matched in number by the amount of people who attended the 2012 Hawaii Record Fair—but last year's was the first ever Hawaii Record Fair. It was enormously popular in the local music community, and the people arrived in droves from start to finish. Hawaii Record Fair (photo taken July 2012) RELATED: 2012 Hawaii Record Fair in Instagram Photos This year's Hawaii Record Fair promises to be no less popular than the last—in fact, my guess is that double the number of people will attend the 2013 Hawaii Record Fair. It's happening on Sunday, August 11 from 10am - 3pm. Admission is $5 (that's cheap!). Hawaii Record Fair 2013

Reinvigorating the local music community

It's true that you'll never what you might find at a record fair, but it's also true that you'll never know who you'll meet. While digging for vinyl is indeed the highlight of this once-a-year event, there's also a chance to meet and chat with like-minded collectors, artists, and music-lovers in our community. Much respect and mahalo to Dennie and Ward of Hungry Ear for organizing this important event. They received such a great response from last year's fair, and hope to make this year's event even more memorable. Visit hawaiirecordfair.com for more info. What do you hope to find at this year's record fair?

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