Free Mixtape: Paradise: 1x10x100 Revisited


You know the story: 1 store. 10 dollars. 100 records.

When Harry's Music Store closed in February to reopen down the street, I immediately jumped in the car and headed to their daytime clearance sale. Vinyl records, dirt cheap, I was stoked. So I made a mixtape of my finds (you've probably heard it by now) and called it 1x10x100.

But one mixtape just wasn't enough.

That's why I made another, it's called Paradise:1x10x100 Revisited. Download Paradise: 1x10x100 Revisited

Finding paradise in your soul

In Hawaii, paradise is everywhere you look. But there's another kind of paradise—you'll find it inside you, close to your soul. Music will help you find that place. Curated strictly from the records I bought at Harry's Music Store, Paradise: 1x10x100 Revisited will take you to the paradise within your soul. This isn't Hawaiian music, but music by artists who connect directly to the inner self—much like Hawaiian music does.

Download it now, free.

(By the way, Harry's is still closed. Apparently they had issues with business permits or something. I'm not entirely sure. But, the storefront will reopen in a few weeks' time, hopefully).

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