Endless Summer Jam: live DJ set for the breakers and dancers


It's not the first time I've recorded a DJ set with the wrong settings 😪. But the results are just as fun to listen to as the DJ Notoya all-Japanese vinyl set I posted a few years ago:

"I’ve been a little reluctant to post the recording online. Mainly because the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. But I’ve been listening to it a lot lately and I’ve come to think that it’s worth sharing. When paired with Hiko’s photos, Notoya’s iPhone recording transports the listener to this space."

excerpt from That Tokyo Melody: DJ Notoya at Soul Time In Hawaii

After listening back to this recording, I knew quality isn't great — but that in the place of that quality is the chance to hear the excitement of the crowd in the club. The dancers, onlookers, even the DJs. We were having so much fun. It's nice to hear the playback of both the music and the audience.


(There's better ways to achieve this feeling, I know. But gotta work with what we got). The result is great fun to listen to. I've enjoyed catching the conversations and comments that happened throughout the night.

Oliver said it "sounds like a lost scene from Beat Street."

On Friday, February 8th the inaugural Endless Summer Jam festival kicked off in Kaka‘ako at a bar we're all too familiar with: Bevy. ESJ is an annual art and music festival with a focus on b-boy culture. We're stoked to have opened the festival with an all-vinyl evening for the breakers and dancers.

Enjoy the mix. (Better luck next time for the recording 😜)

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