DJ Muro "Hawaiian Breaks" Tracklist Makes the Rounds

Hawaiian Breaks

Aloha Got Soul was founded from two big musical motiviations: Mackey Feary Band's debut LP, and DJ Muro's "Hawaiian Breaks" mix. Back in August 2010, no tracklist for Hawaiian Breaks could be found on the internet. None. Coincidentally, the guys over at SoulStrut wondered about the song titles the same time I started compiling the track list. Lo and behold, less than one year later and the DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks song list---originally posted on Aloha Got Soul---has made its way around the internet. picked it up (and even linked back here!), and recently posted it to their blog. ('s Hawaiian Breaks post is the top result when you search "hawaiian funk music" in Google Blog Search. )

Click here to view the DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks tracklist.

What I'm trying to say is that, I'm just happy this Hawaiian funk, soul, jazz music is making its way out into the world. It deserves to be heard, and people need to hear what Hawaii can offer for listening pleasure.

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