Brandon Bray & Brown Spice "Polynesian Girl" on Homegrown


"Polynesian Girl" by Brandon Bray & Brown Spice You all know Nohelani Cypriano's "Lihue" hit from the Homegrown II compilation.

But did you ever check out the Brandon Bray track on the LP?

Wait—don't go to the turntable just yet. Why? Because you can watch Brandon Bray & Brown Spice on the Homegrown TV show. Flash back to 1974 Hawaii and turn on the television.

(*edit, July 2020 — I lost the link to the video mentioned. If anyone finds it, please send an email.)

You'll see Honolulu radio broadcaster Ron Jacobs in living color as the host of his own show, the Home Grown TV specials. Jacobs, whose efforts were instrumental in launching the careers of local musicians with the Homegrown series of LPs, introduces Brandon Bray and Brown Spice singing the "disco trip" called "Polynesian Girl". Thanks to Yoshi for the upload! This makes me want to see actual footage from a Honolulu discotheque back in the 70s.

Anyone have some vintage nightclub videos to share?


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