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I've always believed that passion is one the greatest harbingers of success, and over the past few years the people who know me best have witnessed my unrelenting passion for rediscovering contemporary Hawaiian music continue to grow and grow.

Looking back, I can gratefully say that the projects and collaborations I've worked on thus far — the Aloha Preserved Daily shirt with FITTED, the mystery mix for, the Psychemagik reissue of "Catching A Wave" — have all brought some form of success to Aloha Got Soul. But what happens when my passion is matched by that of a man who lives more than 7,000 miles from Honolulu?

A lot more than anyone could've expected.

Soul Time In Hawaii started as a small collaboration between Aloha Got Soul and Cedric Bardawil's brand Weekends West. Cedric, it turned out, has a love for contemporary Hawaiian music that's just as strong as mine.

The response to our Soul Time In Hawaii t-shirt release parties that we organized in Honolulu and London was tremendous. The positive energy people emitted in reaction to our events reassured us that we had found success. But we've taken it a step further now. It's no longer a one-off party...

In brief: everyone loved Soul Time In Hawaii so much that we've decided to do it monthly in Honolulu & London.

Cedric is evolving the project into a monthly all-vinyl gig with his peer Laura Coxeter of NTS Radio. They're calling it Soul Time In London.

Here in Honolulu, myself and Oliver Seguin will host Soul Time In Hawaii every last Thursday at Bevy.

But that's not all. Aside from us both securing monthly gigs, the following achievements exist because of Cedric's hard work and persistence—his passion, in other words—to share this music with as many people as possible. As Cedric said himself: "I believe in getting this incredible music out there.

For those of you who couldn't make it out to Brilliant Corners for London's STIH party, now you can listen to (almost) the entire set via the internet's top blog for Adult Oriented Rock music, AOR Disco: (link) Based on what I've gathered from Cedric, who took a short trip to Amsterdam for the radio gig, the guys at Red Light Records loved what they heard.

Soul Time in Hawaii at Red Light Records
Soul Time in Hawaii at Red Light Records

So... if you're in Honolulu or London at any given time of the year...

We hope to see you at either Soul Time In Hawaii or Soul Time In London! (Follow Aloha Got Soul on Facebook for the latest updates) ---

Soul Time In London at The Queen's Head April 19, 2014 8pm - 12am // No Cover


Soul Time In Hawaii at Bevy April 24, 2014 8pm - 12am // No Cover

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