Aloha Got Soul on PBS Hawai‘i's "Home Is Here"

The good people at PBS Hawai‘i visited our shop on three different occasions this year to interview our team and artists as part their series, Home Is Here, which takes viewers deep into neighborhoods across Hawai‘i, providing an inside peek at how locals live, work and play.

The result was three different videos: the main episode, a 30-minute look at music in Hawai‘i and broadcast on television; and two digital-exclusives with shop manager Oliver Seguin and musician Mike Lundy. 

Watch the main episode of The Hawaiian Music Archives | Home is Here | PBS HAWAIʻI YouTube:

Mike Lundy shares his story about his 1980 LP, The Rhythm Of Life, and how he and Roger Bong met for the first time, "that fateful meeting at Starbucks in Mānoa.". 

Watch Mike Lundy's part now on YouTube:

Oliver Seguin of Hawaiʻi record shop and label Aloha Got Soul explains how he and owner Roger Bong are working to preserve rare local music from the past while promoting Hawaiʻi's artists of the future.

Watch Oliver Seguin's part now on YouTube:

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