Al Nobriga in Nashville: Keeping the Music Alive

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Fans of the musically masterful Al Nobriga probably wonder what he's been up to ever since moving to Nashville, Tennessee some 15+ years ago. Nobriga was a staple in the Waikiki club scene and recorded a number of albums filled with original compositions and a few covers. Guess what, Al's keeping the music alive at St. Bernard Academy, a Catholic independent school with acclaimed academic curricula and nearly 150 years of existence.
"Mr. Al was a musical institution in Waikiki playing many of the night spots and recording three albums. In 1973, he wrote and recorded a song that won him first place in the Aloha Week, Song of the Year Contest in Hawaii. The song, "Hele on to Kuaia " has been recorded most famously by Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole."
The article, which was written by students at the school, reveals that Al Nobriga is currently working on a new album! I'm also curious to learn more about the TV show that Al produced, a musical/educational program titled Seasons of Change.
"According to Al, music with a message. Each grade level had a specific message. The songs for kindergartners, for example, covered motor skill development, while the high school songs provided an anti-drug/anti-drinking . The program ran for many years in the islands."
Enjoy the read! Thanks goes out to the students and everyone involved with the article! (link to PDF version below) Excerpt of The Clairvaux, featuring an article on Al Nobriga, courtesy St. Bernard Academy and Carl Sabo. Click here to view/download PDF Mahalo to Chuck Sabo for sharing, Mr. Sabo is the Head of School at St. Bernard. Stay tuned for music from At the Top of the Outrigger. P.S. Whenever I think about the clubs in 1970s Waikiki, Al's tune "My Last Disco Song" inevitably pops into my head. "Hawaiian Hut and Tiki Parlor // Saw her down at the Point After ..." You can listen to that song and more on DJ Muro's Hawaiian Breaks mix.

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