After the Annual Music & Book Sale, it's the Listening Party


Each year, FLH opens their vault of used vinyl (and books and CDs) to the public for their annual Music & Book Sale. And each year, hundreds of people head home with a handful of gems after hours of scouring the stacks at the Sale. What those people do with the music they've found, we're not entirely sure. There's the definite possibility that some will flip their finds on eBay or Discogs. But most of FLH's annual Music & Book Sale customers probably go home and listen to their music, appreciate it, then neatly (or not so neatly) file it away into their collections. That's where the "after party" comes in. FLH is hosting its first-ever after-the-sale Vinyl Listening Party at ARTS at Mark's Garage, following the first day of the sale — Saturday, Jan. 13th from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. The idea is to provide a community-oriented space where people can share their musical finds and connect with others. The FLH Sale is one of the biggest music sales in Hawaii each year. It will be held at Washington Middle School this year, from Saturday, January 13 through Monday, January 15 from 9:00 a.m. - 3pm (closing at 1pm on Monday). In previous years, I've personally invited people to our apartment to hang out, have some drinks, and listen to records we'd found at the Sale. Some of our best times at home are with friends doing exactly this, even if it isn't following a big music sale or anything like that. But there's only so many friends we can host in our home, so following 2017's sale I emailed FLH's director with the thought of trying this idea out in 2018. Fortunately, FLH was into it, even if they (or I) weren't sure if it would be a hit. (We're still not sure, but it's gonna be worth a try regardless). FLH opened a small bookstore (which also sells records, hint hint) in Mark's Garage midway through 2017, so the listening party idea became even more feasible than when we first planted that seed. Late last year, FLH reached out again to see if Aloha Got Soul would still be up for supporting a listening party. Of course, we agreed. AGS is providing the turntables; ARTS at Mark's Garage is providing the sound system, venue, and hosting a bar; and other local music-related organizations are supporting the event as well, including Hawaii Public Radio, KTUH, and Hungry Ear. FLH is providing the music — you just gotta go buy some first at their Sale ;) We hope you can join us this Saturday at the first-ever FLH Vinyl Listening Party. Bring a record or CD that you purchased at the Sale and share a track. Bring friends and LISTEN - SHARE - CONNECT with our Hawai‘i music community. Vinyl Listening Party at ARTS at Mark's Garage 1159 Nuuanu Avenue Chinatown, Honolulu Saturday, Jan. 13th from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. FREE For 21+, there's a bar — even more reason to come cruise, drink booze, and enjoy some choons! For those readers unfamiliar with FLH or the Hawaii State Public Library system, here's a look at their mission statements: The Friends of the Library of Hawai'i exists to promote and support Hawai‘i's public libraries. It's Mission Statement and primary objectives are:
  • To assist in maintaining free public libraries in the State of Hawai'i.
  • To increase the facilities of the public library system of Hawai‘i by securing materials beyond the scope of the ordinary library budget.
  • To award continuing education and scholarship grants.
  • To focus attention on all public libraries.
  • To encourage and accept by bequest or gift, donations of books, manuscripts, money, and other appropriate material that can enrich the cultural opportunities available to the people of Hawai‘i.
  • To promote the extension of library services throughout the State of Hawai'i.
Not surprisingly, the State Libraries aim to promote learning; here's the Library System's mission statement: The Hawaii State Public Library System nurtures a lifelong love of reading and learning through its staff, collections, programs, services, and physical and virtual spaces. And their so-called "vision statement": The Hawaii State Public Library System is the educational, informational, and cultural heart of Hawaii’s communities.

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