George Street "Magic Lady"


George Street "Magic Lady" Wish I could post a YouTube video for you, but currently my computer is at factory settings and all my programs gone... oh, well, music is music! I found George Street's "Magic Lady"—finally—after waiting too long to hear it. Yes, this is my first time ever listening to their music, and I say "they" because the band consists of:
  • Gordon Kim, guitar and vocals
  • Gail Mack, vocals
  • Steven Min, guitar and vocals
And get this, Nueva Vida was their backing band. Who's that? If you've been following my blog (and anticipating the show tomorrow) then you'll recognize Nueva Vida. They are performing at the final 70s Night Club Reunion this Saturday with Pauline Wilson, vocalist of jazz-fusion group Seawind. More Nueva Vida bio info here. My favorite George Street so far? "Magic Lady", the title track. It'll soon be your favorite, too: "Magic Lady" by George Street (from Magic Lady)

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