Thank you for your interest in Aloha Got Soul. Feel free to send me any questions, comments, or inquiries you have.

– Roger

  1. Hello Roger, I’m trying to get in touch with either Edwin and/or Yemun, miss these guys a lot. Used to be part of the group. Please get in touch with me. Thanks much

    1. Aloha Philip, hopefully you and Edwin are able to reconnect! Let me know how things go.

  2. Aloha Aloha Got Soul! I’ve read your post above, and decided to write you!
    Please check my new song “Aloha Oahu North Shore” it is a pretty cool song about surfing in the North Shore, and I mention all the main beaches!
    Also, please check my facebook page at:
    I hope we can get in touch for sharing more songs an ideas! Best Wishes!

    Manglio Bertolucci

  3. Hey Roger. We found you when we were doing our homework about the band Lemuria, who we covered on our debut album, Spandex Effect. Check out our version of “Hunk of Heaven”- we think you’ll like it! -The Spandettes

  4. Wow! Spandettes sound so much like “yes” Lemuria”. Should we be upset they copy? I don’t know, but they sound REALLY GREAT!!!

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