Thank you for your interest in Aloha Got Soul. Feel free to send me any questions, comments, or inquiries you have.

– Roger

5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Philip Galaura says:

    Hello Roger, I’m trying to get in touch with either Edwin and/or Yemun, miss these guys a lot. Used to be part of the group. Please get in touch with me. Thanks much

  2. Manglio Bertolucci says:

    Aloha Aloha Got Soul! I’ve read your post above, and decided to write you!
    Please check my new song “Aloha Oahu North Shore” it is a pretty cool song about surfing in the North Shore, and I mention all the main beaches!
    Also, please check my facebook page at:
    I hope we can get in touch for sharing more songs an ideas! Best Wishes!

    Manglio Bertolucci

  3. Chaz Huffman says:

    Wow! Spandettes sound so much like “yes” Lemuria”. Should we be upset they copy? I don’t know, but they sound REALLY GREAT!!!

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