Momi Riley is a Big Isle harpist/singer with beautiful, poetic, original songs that pull from Jazz, Hawaiian, Rock and Folk music. In the early 1980s she recorded a pair of albums with a full band, and is being rediscovered with the help of the Aloha Got Soul record label.

Her music in its purest state — solo harp and voice — is a gorgeous literary and musical experience that elevates the spirit. Chicken skin music. Music of the heavens.

Pure, inspiring, angelic, Aloha. This is Momi.

“To perpetuate love, perpetuate aloha,” Momi says of her purpose in life. “I think music could save the world, and I think aloha could too. And together I think we can make it happen, because if you can conceive it in your mind and you believe it, then you can achieve it.”

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