Mackey Feary Discography

1975 – Kalapana by Kalapana (OTB Records)
1976 – Kalapana II by Kalapana (Canyon International / OTB Records)
1978 – Macky Feary Band by Mackey Feary Band (Rainbow)
1979 – From the Heart by Mackey Feary Band (Rainbow)
1983 – Mackey Feary & Nite Life by Mackey Feary & Nite Life (Sea-West)
1984 – Touch Sensitive by Mackey Feary (Sea-West)
1989 – Walk Upon the Water by Kalapana (OTB Records)
1990 – Back in Your Heart Again by Kalapana (OTB Records)
1991 – Sings Southern All Stars by Kalapana (Pacific Coast Highway)
1991 – Romantic Story 11:30pm by Mackey Feary (Vap)
1994 – Reunion by Kalapana (Bluewater Records)
1995 – Full Moon Tonight by Kalapana (OTB Records)
1996 – Captain Santa Island Music by Kalapana (Pony Canyon)
1996 – Burning Bridges by Mackey Feary (MGC Records)
1999 – Forever & One Day by Mackey Feary (Worldblend Music/Dreamville)

12″ Singles
1980 – “Let’s Do It” b/w “We Both Waited Too Long” by Nohelani Cypriano and Mackey Feary (Hanaola)

1975 – “The Hurt b/w Nightbird” by Kalapana (Abattoir Records)
1976 – “Dorothy Louise b/w Lost Again” by Kalapana (Abattoir Records)
1976 – “Juliette b/w Black Sand” by Kalapana (Abattoir Records)
1982 – “Good Times Bad Times” by Mackey Feary b/w “Kona Winds” by Henry Kapono (CBS)
1983 – “Love is Blind” by Mackey Feary & Nite Life b/w “Check It Out” by Gaylord Holomalia (Sea-West)
Unknown Year – “Running from Love b/w Iao Jam” by Shine w/ Mackey Feary (Paradise)

Mackey-only Compilations
1985 – Black and White by Mackey Feary (Waika Records) – This consists of tracks solely from Mackey Feary Band’s first two LPs “Macky Feary Band” and “From the Heart”
1995 – Back to Back by Mackey Feary (MGC) – This consists of tracks solely from Mackey’s previous LPs Mackey Feary & Nite Life and Touch Sensitive, with some of the tracks featuring updated versions/mixes of the original recordings
LP Appearances
1978 – Million Stars by Haruko Kuwana (Philips) – Mackey Feary plays Electric Bass & Acoustic Guitar on Side 1, as well as wrote some of the songs
1983 – Pacific Paradise Vol. 1 by Various Artists (CBS Sony) – Mackey has 2 of his tracks here, “Good Times Bad Times” and “You are the Only One”
1989 – Pacific Coast Jam – Guitar Workshop in Hawaii by Various Artists (Sea-West) – Mackey sings on tracks “Pra Voce” and “Koko”
2007 – Guitars of Hawaii Today Volume 2 by John Valentine Presents (Studio Valentine) – Mackey plays guitar and bass on “Tiana”

Mahalo to Michael Velten for his efforts.

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