Shoutout to the graduates: Paying tribute with funky Hawaii High School Band records

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What a time to be alive, right graduates? It's 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has cancelled practically every in-person graduation ceremony. And, well, we're incredibly envious of you!

Envious? Yep. Mainly because Barack Obama spoke at everyone's commencement the other day. Virtually, of course, but regardless — how cool is that?

But also, and more importantly: being young today means you are only just beginning to make your mark on the world. So, congratulations on this opportunity to leave a positive impact!

Here's a niche way to say congrats: vinyl records

To show our appreciation in the best way we know how, we're digging deep into our collections of Hawaii High School band records to find gems to share on YouTube. Admittedly, these are the kinds of records we don't always pay attention to (poor recording quality being one off-putting reason). But dig deep enough, and there's always bound to be some gems to discover.

Case in point: a Gabe Baltazar-directed cover of "Chameleon", which goes live on our channel on May 20th, Wednesday. It's a dizzying take on the Herbie Hancock classic. Today is Monday, and we're kicking things off with a cover of Donald Byrd's "Blackbyrd".

We've got about 10 tunes lined up on YouTube for this week's A Song A Day selection. Including this Friday, the beginning of what we're calling Cherry Picked Albums: full albums shared to the giant video platform. Kinda like some of our favorite channels do: Sounds of the Dawn, should be asleep, and ProvocativeEducative!.

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