Making waves: Steve & Teresa's "Catching A Wave" now available on 7-inch vinyl and digital


Steve and Teresa captivated Hawaii in the 1980s with their debut album, Catching A Wave, which showcased the duo's effortless style that blended jazz, Hawaiian, and hapa haole music.

Now for the first time, the timeless title track "Catching A Wave" will be available on 7-inch vinyl.

Over the years we've befriended Steve Ma‘i‘i and Teresa Bright, who have graciously given Aloha Got Soul the opportunity to reissue their debut album for the world to hear once again. After all, it's been out of print since 1983! (Except for a few Japan-only reissues on CD, which now sell for $100 and more online... for a CD!).

Before dropping the full LP reissue later this summer, we wanted to offer up this gem on 7-inch, with a backyard party-worthy track on the B-side, "Tahauala", a super fun uptempo tune originally written by Alvin Isaacs.

We hope this reissue — the 7" but especially the full album coming later this summer — finally gives the duo's debut the attention and love it's been deserving all these years. Besides, some many musicians throughout the islands cover "Catching A Wave" at their gigs that it's a necessity that the original recording be made available for all to hear! We also plan to reissue their other albums, Ocean Blue and Intimately.

Mahalo to Steve and Teresa for allowing us this precious opportunity! The album truly is one of my all time favorites.

We've pressed the 7" vinyl in three colors. The opaque light blue is exclusive to sound waves members. Listen now on your digital platform of choice: Bandcamp / Apple Music / Spotify / Tidal.

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