The Do-Over Returns To Honolulu

Expect to hear all-Hawaiian all-vinyl grooves during the first 90 minutes of the Honolulu edition of The Do-Over.

First Fridays in Honolulu’s Chinatown typical bring masses of people to Hotel Street, where bars like Downbeat, Manifest and Nextdoor greet nightclubbers with lots of drinks and loud music throughout the night.  Sometimes it’s all the same after a while, until someone does something a little different.

*New Location: The Manifest, 32 N. Hotel Street, Honolulu*

This month there’s a handful of notable events going on in Honolulu that’ll make this month’s First Friday different. Specifically: Pow Wow Hawaii kicks off, Fresh Cafe opens a new location in Chinatown, and the world-traveling Do-Over party returns to the islands.

Even better yet: these three special events will collide to become one at the Do-Over, which is the official launch party for Pow Wow and likely Fresh Cafe’s biggest event of the year at its new location. And what’s even more exciting (for me, at least), is that I’ll be spinning a 90-minute opening set at Do-Over this Friday.

Expect to hear all-Hawaiian all-vinyl grooves.


Hope to see you there.

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