Dig This Vibe: All-Vinyl Dance Party on July 20

Every Dig This Vibe event becomes one of the greatest nights of my life. On July 20, we’re featuring veteran vinyl DJs Papa Woowu and Jah Gumby. I’d like to introduce you to their styles with these two mixes.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook as of late, or digging through my blog posts from the past 6 months, the name Dig This Vibe should be familiar to you by now.

Dig This Vibe was launched in February 2013 by a group of Oahu-based DJs: Oliver Seguin, Shitzr, and myself—Aloha Got Soul. We throw all-vinyl dance parties by featuring local and mainland diggers who want to spin out and—most importantly—have fun.

Oliver Seguin feeling good at Dig This Vibe.

Oliver Seguin feeling good at Dig This Vibe.

Every party turns out to be one of the greatest nights of my life. And we’re throwing another one on Saturday, July 20, 2013. (Another great night, here we come!)

This time, we’re featuring two veteran DJs from Hawaii who can’t be beat at what they do: rare reggae vinyl. Their names are Papa Woowu (Justin Legaspi) and Jah Gumby (Ryan Murakami), and I’d like to introduce you to their styles with two mixes.

Mix 1: Papa Woowu

Papa Woowu made this mix exclusively for Dig This Vibe. It’s available for free download via Soundcloud.

This mix is heavy. Everyone who hears it digs it. It isn’t the typical reggae you’d probably expect. This is rootsy, groovy, funky, and downright good music, regardless of whether you’re “in to” reggae. Most people I know who dig Woowu’s mix admit they don’t really like reggae in the first place.

So here, let me show you:

Papa Woowu (Justin Legaspi)

Papa Woowu (Justin Legaspi).

Mix 2: Jah Gumby

The second mix is a selection from Jah Gumby’s own “Rarities For Sharities“.

At first you’ll be overwhelmed by the visuals—look at all that vinyl surrounding him! And then the music hits, and it’s deep. But the extra special kick is the knowledge he shares with each song. It’s like a history lesson in obscure reggae plus a private groove session wrapped into one neat episode. (There are more than 10 episodes to be watched.)

This one’s my favorite:

Now tell me you didn’t fall off your chair while watching 0:10 – 0:42.

Pre-party: Yacht Rock Hawaii

I hope I’ve made it clear that July 20 is going to be a helluva night in Honolulu. Cause if you’re not convinced, we’re also doing a pre-party with Yacht Rock Hawaii from 6-9pm.

In other words, you can cruise with Woowu and Gumby on a BYOB boat in Waikiki, then be shuttled from Ala Moana Harbor to Downbeat Lounge for the ultimate Dig This Vibe experience. All for $20, including free entry to Downbeat. Email for tickets.

MAIN EVENT: Dig This Vibe
All-vinyl Reggae Dance Party
Featuring Papa Woowu & Jah Gumby
Downbeat Lounge (42 N. Hotel St., Honolulu)
$6 cover || 21+ || 9pm-2am

PLUS:  Yacht Rock Hawaii Pre-Party
$20 || 6pm-9pm || BYOB
Free entry & transportation to Downbeat Lounge
(send an email to buy your tickets)

Dig This Vibe: Papa Woowu & Jah Gumby

Official flyer for the show.

Read more posts about our Dig This Vibe parties.

  1. Roger,

    Al Nobriga has just posted a music video on youtube. Just type in his name and find his latest ‘hit’.

    Chuck Sabo



  2. […] Seither hängt er im HipHop rum und kommt vom Groove des Offbeats nicht los. Ich bin durch Aloha Got Soul und im besonderen wegen Gründer Roger Bong auf diesen vorzüglichen Mix […]


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