“We Are Hawaiian, Use Your Library”

I remember that old local TV commercial like it was yesterday, when really it was like 15 years ago. A bunch of kids proudly sharing their ethnicity with viewers and relating it all to one big message:

“I am Hawaiian Filipino, I am Hawaiian Chinese, I am Hawaiian Samoan … We are Hawaiian, Use your library!”

And guess what, the first thing I did upon returning to Hawaii this March was to, well, use my library. Believe it or not, the Hawaii Public Library offers the chance for patrons to borrow vinyl records. I kid you not. Real Hawaiian music you sometimes can’t find on any other format, free* for your listening pleasure!

Here’s a sampling of what Hawaiian Soul/Hawaii Funk/Hawaiian Jazz I borrowed from my local library. Only in Hawaii, right?

Check back soon for much, much more! (Now’s a good time to subscribe to Aloha Got Soul).

*”Free” doesn’t mean you should go and borrow these records “forever”. They belong to everyone, be respectful and shame on you for even thinking about keeping them for yourself.

  1. Roger,
    great post – Funny AND informative! I’m still around, just busy with work and family (haven’t forgotten about Dropbox!)


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