“Ode to Waiahole & Waikane Valley”

“I am Hawaiian, I’m all that’s left / I am the son of the sea and the surf
This land was my land, I shared with friends / Now it is their land, and I pay rent…”

Vic Malo’s politically-charged “Ode to Waiahole & Waikane Valley” is filled with clever criticism, taking stabs at so-called “progress” and alluding to the Woody Guthrie track, “This Land is Your Land”. (Did Vic know about the uncovered verses when he wrote this song?)

“I pay to see a waterfall
But there’s no water—none at all
They’re gonna tax the sun I hear them say
You know what that means—I’m gonna pay”

It was tough to find information about Vic Malo (also known as Victor Mataele), but Google makes a few things certain:

1. He’s Tongan, which confuses me because he’s also part Hawaiian, according to the lyrics above. He’s related to King Tauha’afau Tupou IV (an interesting bit of info found in a book that mentions Vic was a fencing instructor and taught lessons in Honolulu during the 1970s).

2.He had a role on Hawaii 5-O in a few episodes: “A Death in the Family” and “Number One with a Bullet, Parts 1 & 2”. The episodes aired in 1978. I have yet to find a relevant video link.

3. He invented a “Method and system for music notation”, which uses “notes and other musical representations using symbols, such as numbers, letters and color”. In March 2010, he received a US Patent (#7674965 B2) for his invention. Nice work!!

More to come on the rest of his self-titled album.

(Vic—if you’re reading this, tell us more about yourself!)

  1. love this blog, can’t get enough of the Hawaiian flavours!!!


    1. thanks dj waxon! share the aloha with all your friends in England!


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