Lui Williams + a confession

I started ALOHA GOT SOUL out of a passion for this music. Every album I blog about is not in my record collection, and I don’t have a library of knowledge stored in my head either. I’m here because I want to learn more, discover great music and share what I find. In the future I’ll own these records if I’m lucky to come across them!

Which brings me to the album Lui, by Maui guitarist Lui Williams. What the full album sounds like is a mystery to me. So far I’ve come across two snippets: “My Lover” and “Oh, Oh (I Think I’m Fallin’ in Love)”. The first is a laid-back jazz track about longing for a certain someone. This makes me want to walk barefoot in the sand.

On the upbeat side is “Oh, Oh”, with twangy rhythm guitar accented by Lui’s own soloing (I’m guessing). Beyond the chorus is a single lyric, “I would like to know / What it’s like to be in love”. I’d like to know whether Lui dubbed his own vocals, or if background singers are helping him.

Rip Curl Recordings (Japan) recently pressed a limited run of Lui CDs. I have yet to find an online store with any left in stock.

Lui still performs on Maui. Plus, he’s got a MySpace with two nice tracks, “My Maui” and “Paoa Liko Kalehua”. Pretty mean, Lui!

  1. […] it was inevitable. Ever since I heard that 30-second clip of Lui Williams’ “Oh, Oh (Think I’m Falling in Love)”, I had a sense that […]


  2. Andrea Pikake Williams February 26, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    hi there.. ran across this when i was searching for this album as lui is my father. if you ever find it, let me know? would love a copy of it somehow, thanks!


    1. Thanks Andrea! I have the CD reissue, feel free to email me about getting a copy:


    2. Hello! I don’t know if this is going to reach anyone that could help. But this is Lui’s son, Lui. Andrea is my half sister and I would love to connect with her somehow, if at all possible. Its been way too long since we’ve been in touch and would really love to reconnect. If anyone could help, it’d be much appreciated!!!


    3. Andrea! This is Lui, your little half brother. Would love to reconnect with you. Hopefully you got a copy of the Album? If not, i can get you a copy. Hope to hear from you! – Lui


  3. Plz call me. Love u my bruddah. 4636486


  4. I own this fine rare groove i lived in Hawaii in the 1990’s and im looking to move back soon


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