I just fell in love…

...and it was inevitable. Ever since I heard that 30-second clip of Lui Williams' "Oh, Oh (Think I'm Falling in Love)", I had a sense that the rest of the song would be just as enjoyable (and, at 3 minutes 45 seconds, much more gratifying). It's possible that Lui dubbed his own vocals for the [...]

Momi – Borne in a Faint Streak of Light

Such beautiful music fills the grooves of Momi's Borne in a Faint Streak of Light. Released in 1979 on CRI Recording (a private label?), the LP is layered with swaying horns, crisp drumming, delicate harping and Momi's child-like, angelic voice. Each track sounds like it descended upon Earth via a falling cloud. Not that the [...]

Lui Williams + a confession

I started ALOHA GOT SOUL out of a passion for this music. Every album I blog about is not in my record collection, and I don't have a library of knowledge stored in my head either. I'm here because I want to learn more, discover great music and share what I find. In the future [...]