The Aliis Live

The Aliis Live: A Finale to Make Me Smile

Have you ever wanted to rewrite lackluster liner notes of an outstanding album? Explosive, unexpected, fresh—that's The Aliis, a group whose musical talents know no limits. But the liner notes to their 2xLP, The Aliis Live, fall short of proving the band's powerful performance is worthy of royalty. I propose that The Aliis Live needs new liner notes. Here's my take.

Hal Bradbury “Babe I Want You”

"Babe I Want You" by Hal Bradbury If you've been longing for a heavy tune from Hal Bradbury—his previous efforts featured on Aloha Got Soul have been smooth, laid-back, and jazzy—this is it. Sexy, groovy, dancefloor-ready: "Babe I Want You" is ripe for the arsenal of the modern-day, crate-digging DJ, whose turntables crave that obscure rare [...]

Hal Bradubury “You Send Me”

"You Send Me" by Hal Bradbury This song is almost too good to be true, just like that feeling you get when you know you're with the love of your life. Hal Bradbury thrills us with "You Send Me", a smooth, modern soul jam that's not-so-heavy on the synth or drums or guitar riff—which is [...]

Digital Fix: Billy Kaui

New year, huh? What's on the resolution list? 1. Get back to the islands. 2. Eat more lau lau and poke. 3. Find more hard-to-find Hawaiian LPs. Accomplishing #1 means the other two will easily fall into place. But what if I'm not on the islands? Well, there's a few Hawaiian food spots around town. [...]

Macky Feary Band (Mackey)

Whenever I think of an album that encompasses what ALOHA GOT SOUL means, Mackey Feary's debut solo effort comes to mind. The album, Macky Feary Band, is an uplifting blend of jazzy keyboards, seductive strings and vocal arrangements—and of course, Mackey's sunny, tug-at-your-heart voice. Every time I hear "You're Young", or the cratedigger's favorite "A [...]

DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks

DJ Muro – Hawaiian Breaks

DJ Muro's Hawaiian Breaks Tracklist now complete! (I just need to add the little details, like release year, catalog number, record label) ALOHA GOT SOUL is dedicated to the funky, soulful, jazzy sounds of Hawaii, so it's only appropriate that I start with DJ Muro's 1hr+ mix, "Hawaiian Breaks." Released in late 2009, the mp3 [...]