I just fell in love…

...and it was inevitable. Ever since I heard that 30-second clip of Lui Williams' "Oh, Oh (Think I'm Falling in Love)", I had a sense that the rest of the song would be just as enjoyable (and, at 3 minutes 45 seconds, much more gratifying). It's possible that Lui dubbed his own vocals for the [...]

“Tender Leaf has arrived”

(This post has been updated since its original version first appeared) Today marks an important moment in Aloha Got Soul's existence, as well as the history of Hawaiian music (in my opinion, at least). I've been lucky enough to interview—let alone track down—Murray Compoc Spencer, the lead singer from Tender Leaf. Tender Leaf was a [...]

“Summer” by Audy Kimura

Audy (Audwin) Kimura's "Summer" is simply beautiful, despite its aural complexity. Even with the strings, keys, percussion and guitars floating around, the song remains melodic and unpretentious from start to finish. I especially love when the electric piano or the guitar riffs at just the right moment, jumping out at you. It adds to the [...]

Lui Williams + a confession

I started ALOHA GOT SOUL out of a passion for this music. Every album I blog about is not in my record collection, and I don't have a library of knowledge stored in my head either. I'm here because I want to learn more, discover great music and share what I find. In the future [...]