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INTERVIEW: Jelly’s Sheriff Norm Winter Talks About Radio Free Hawaii

I met with Norm Winter on an evening in February 2014 several months after I had recorded a previous conversation of ours. I should say that that conversation—which took place at the Aloha Lounge sometime in the Spring of 2013 during one of Jah Gumby’s Rub-A-Dub all-vinyl reggae sessions, and which gave us an overview ...

Record Culture In Hawaii: A Film by The Vinyl Factory

The Vinyl Factory invited Aloha Got Soul to create a film about Hawaiian records and vinyl culture in the islands. The film showcases local record shops and my current Top 5 favorite Hawaiian records. Watch, share, enjoy, and when you get the chance, make a trip out to Hawaii.

2014 Friends of the Library Hawaii Book & Music Sale

I hope you're ready for another extended weekend of 10,000+ books, CDs... and records. Me? Yes, I'm ready. And from the looks of the Friends of the Library of Hawaii's website, there's gonna be a sizable helping of Hawaiian records to rummage through

Justin Thyme "A Life In A Day"

Justin Thyme: A Life In A Day (And A Long September)

Everything in my life changed in September, and Justin Thyme's "A Life In A Day" arrived at the right moment to reward me for a long and exhausting month of hard work—quickly becoming one of my favorite Hawaiian finds of the year.

Hawaii Record Fair 2013: Reinvigorating the Local Music Community

You'll never what you'll find at a record fair, but it's also true that you'll never know who you'll meet. The Hawaii Record Fair is Sunday, August 11, 2013, at Mckinley High School in Honolulu.

Aloha Preserved Daily: The Fitted Mix Is Finally Here

Nearly two years after we started this journey, I can humbly say that in just a month's time you'll have a super funky (and super danceable) mix in your hands, plus a dope limited t-shirt, thanks to to good stewards at Fitted Hawaii.

5 Thoughts on Record Collecting in Hawaii

I got to thinking again, but this time about what makes digging in Hawaii special. Following conversations with local collectors, here are my thoughts about record collecting in Hawaii.


Insider Look: The 2013 FLH Music & Book Sale

The biggest used music and book sale in Honolulu is here, presented by the Friends of the Library of Hawaii. It isn't the popular McKinley sale, but "Friends, Books, Music: THE SALE", as FLH dubs it. The event takes place at their Kakaako warehouse this weekend, January 19-21, 2013. Doors open at 9:00am. The FLH ...

Barry made an appearance.

Friends of the Library of Hawaii: 2013 Vinyl & Book Sale

The annual Friends of the Library of Hawaii Music & Book Sale is January 19-21, 2013. Doors open at 9am everyday. Don't remember last year's event? Check out these photos...

Jason Smith and Roger Bong at the Hawaii Record Fair 2012

And the winner is… Hawaii Record Fair!

As I mentioned earlier, the Hawaii Record Fair was a complete success. Music collectors from all over the island gathered to dig up long-time wants and new discoveries. Hell, some of the attendants didn't even own a turntable, but they still showed up to buy some vinyl! (This is 100% true, trust me.) One of the highlights ...