Tender Leaf “You’re My Fantasy”

"You're My Fantasy" by Tender Leaf Beauty strikes hardest in its purest form. Tender Leaf is the perfect example. Back when life was simpler, a group of friends got together to create music. That group, led by Murray Compoc Spencer and Darryl Valdez, found joy in jamming acoustic guitars and writing songs together, eventually entering the [...]

Mike Lundy “The Rhythm of Life”

"The Rhythm of Life" by Mike Lundy What more can I say about Mike Lundy and The Rhythm of Life, a "holy grail" of Hawaiian funk music, where every song is a carefully constructed masterpiece written by the guitarist himself. If you don't believe me, check out the title track, featured on the DJ Muro [...]

Music Magic One Man Lady 1981

Music Magic “One Man Lady” (1981)

Yet another rare Hawaiian LP found online to download, this one's called "One Man Lady" by the local band Music Magic. Their first self-titled release was an attempt at Hawaiian jazz-fusion, but their sophomore album ventures into R&B, soul and disco territory. Both Music Magic albums were reissued on the Japanese label Cool Hawaii. Here's [...]

DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks

DJ Muro – Hawaiian Breaks

DJ Muro's Hawaiian Breaks Tracklist now complete! (I just need to add the little details, like release year, catalog number, record label) ALOHA GOT SOUL is dedicated to the funky, soulful, jazzy sounds of Hawaii, so it's only appropriate that I start with DJ Muro's 1hr+ mix, "Hawaiian Breaks." Released in late 2009, the mp3 [...]