AGS-020: Mike Lundy - December '99

In the late 1990s, Mike Lundy could be found at home sketching ideas on his Korg N364 workstation. He put 12 of these self-produced tracks on a CD-R marked FINALIZED DEC. 1999. We received the CD-R on December 1, 2018.

Some of Mike's creations were pre-production ideas, to be recorded with a full band some day (he never got the chance). Others were instrumentals, acting as in-the-car references that Mike would listen to while driving, figuring out what to sing on his creations.

Several sketches would later find their way onto the Japan-only Inner Flame CD, released in 2003 (there's a story here, but for another time).

Like any consumer grade disc, the CD-R has slowly deteriorated over the years. Mike took extreme care, playing the disc just once a year around Christmas time.

We've selected two tunes to share with you this holiday season — "White Xmas" is Mike's take on a Bing Crosby classic. "So Very Long" is an instrumental version of the tune found on the 'Inner Flame' CD.


"Sits neatly on a mantle alongside Hiroshi Sato’s 'Awakening' and 'Aqua' albums of the 1980s: rich, infectious, dreamy."