1 store, 10 dollars, 100 records.

Aloha Got Soul presents a mixtape series inspired by Harry's Music Store.

The story

When I found out Harry's Music Store was closing, like many record collectors in Hawaii I hurried over to their clearance sale. I took home one of my biggest scores of the year: 100 records for $10. Harry's didn't have any Hawaiian music at the sale, but what I did find was funky cuts from mainland groups that no doubt influenced artists in Honolulu (generating local music like this). With so many great records added to my collection, I had to do something, I wanted to share this music with others.

1x10x100 quickly became a glimpse of the soulful wax available in Hawaii 40 years ago and up to this day. The mixtapes gives music lovers an idea of what it's like to go digging in Hawaii.

Plus, 1x10x100 is another excuse for me to share great music with you. Enjoy. Paradise: 1x10x100 Revisited Mixtape: 1x10x100