Interview: Al Nobriga, “You don’t choose music. Music chooses you.”

Al Nobriga graduated from high school in Kauai in 1960. Following graduation, he moved to Oahu and attended Brigham Young University from 1960 to 1965. He started playing music in 8th grade. Nobriga's entire family is musical, and they'd have kanikapila's (jam sessions) on Kauai often. Nobriga remembers that his uncle had a Gibson Sunburst guitar, and that he was intrigued [...]

Recap: The Two Year Anniversary of Soul Time In Hawaii

I feel like there are really just too many ways to tell you about this two year anniversary of Soul Time In Hawaii, which was actually more than just an anniversary — it was a week-long celebration of a humble party that's grown to connect the dots across decades and time zones. In 2014, Soul Time represented [...]

Gaurab Thakali: Designing Soul Time In Hawaii’s Two Year Anniversary

For the two year anniversary of Soul Time In Hawaii, we worked with South London artist Gaurab Thakali to produce a small edition of hand finished screen prints which became our event poster. We were drawn to Gaurab's work for his imaginative illustration of the early American jazz scene. He captures this period with a warmth that's missing [...]

Soul Time at Two Years: Connecting the old with the new, the local with the global

In March 2014, Aloha Got Soul hosted a dual-city party in London and Honolulu. We called it Soul Time In Hawaii, and since then we've been hosting it every month in Honolulu, London, and Chicago. You might remember the mix we created for the party:   Now it's 2016, and we're celebrating the two year anniversary of [...]

2016 gives us ‘The Rhythm Of Life’ on LP (finally)

Last November we released (sort of) the long-awaited reissue of Mike Lundy's 1980 Hawaiian holy grail, The Rhythm Of Life. It was accepted with great reviews from critics and listeners worldwide—the title track made it onto Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Winners 2015 list, which broadcast in December. "The crown jewels of Hawaiian funk, from 1980 — with an open, upful [...]

Strut Records & Aloha Got Soul: A compilation of funk, disco, AOR, and soul in Hawai‘i 1979-1985

We are extremely pleased to tell you that for that past 12 months we've been working with London's Strut Records on a compilation entitled Aloha Got Soul: Soul, AOR & Disco in Hawai‘i 1979-1985, and it hits stores worldwide in February 2016. Compiled by Roger Bong, the aptly-titled Aloha Got Soul comprises 16 tracks of inspired funk, disco, jazz and AOR [...]

Mike Lundy 'The Rhythm Of Life' LP

Mike Lundy’s ‘The Rhythm Of Life’ now available worldwide

Mike Lundy's The Rhythm Of Life is finally available again in its full glory: the nine-track quintessential Hawaiian funk/soul opus that has come to represent the birth of the Aloha Got Soul record label and the rebirth of Lundy's almost forgotten masterpiece. Here's a snippet from the liner notes which expresses my feelings for this special project: [...]

That Tokyo Melody: DJ Notoya at Soul Time In Hawaii

When paired with photos from the evening, DJ Notoya's recording transports the listener to Soul Time In Hawaii. Together they recreate an authentic, nostalgic experience of what this monthly all-vinyl event in Honolulu is like. Even though the sound quality is far from perfect, it perfectly captures more than a mix ever could.

Emotional Connection: Contrast Magazine #15 Connects the Dots

The editors behind Honolulu's Contrast Magazine have a very similar approach to what Aloha Got Soul is all about: We started with the idea that Hawai‘i is often overlooked because of its size and geographic location. We wanted (and still want) to show people abroad what Hawai‘i has to offer in terms of art, music, and culture. There [...]