More Phase 7

[youtube"="] "Sweet Love" by Phase VII, from their Windjammer album. From what I know, this song is part of a self-titled album by the band. Definitely released after Playtime. Maybe their 3rd album? Here's the tracklist: 1. Sweet Love 2. Girl, It's Up To Me 3. Show Me Your Magic 4. Angels Around You 5. [...]

Phase 7 (VII) – Windjammer

While surfing a few weeks ago, I came across another Phase VII album I hadn't heard of, Windjammer. At first, I thought it read "Phase VIII". Maybe it was a spin-off/new lineup of the original Phase 7? Hmm. The cover art wasn't as intriguing Playtime either, so I gave it little attention and passed on. [...]

Aloha in Japan

I'll say without a doubt that Japanese record collectors are probably the most diligent collectors in the world. Not only do they have deep knowledge of what's good, but they've got the good stuff in great condition: Nothing goes "uncollected". At least in my opinion. I still remember reading this post years ago and thinking [...]

Babadu – Babadu!

When you live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you wake up everyday and it's beautiful outside. When you live in the Pacific Northwest, summer stops by for two months or so. The rest of the year you wake up and it's gray, dreary and rainy outside. That's why I like Babadu. His music [...]

Beatroot Bodega: September 11th

Google "Tony Tam Sing" and you'll come across the blog Asita Recordings. I did, at least. Didn't find any info on the elusive TONY psych-folk LP, but I did learn that Lightsleepers recently started one of Hawaii's only record sale/swaps. There's been a few other big record shows in Hawaii, but BRB is the only [...]

Greenwood + 70s Night Club Reunion

The Hawaiian version of Tatsuro Yamashita's "Sparkle" was recorded by disco-soul group Greenwood in 1985. Greenwood started in 1972 as a group of 9th graders at Kaimuki High School. The guys are alive and performing today in Hawaii. Their main gig? Probably the 70s Night Club Reunion, a popular concert series that reunites well-known bands [...]

Lui Williams + a confession

I started ALOHA GOT SOUL out of a passion for this music. Every album I blog about is not in my record collection, and I don't have a library of knowledge stored in my head either. I'm here because I want to learn more, discover great music and share what I find. In the future [...]

Macky Feary Band (Mackey)

Whenever I think of an album that encompasses what ALOHA GOT SOUL means, Mackey Feary's debut solo effort comes to mind. The album, Macky Feary Band, is an uplifting blend of jazzy keyboards, seductive strings and vocal arrangements—and of course, Mackey's sunny, tug-at-your-heart voice. Every time I hear "You're Young", or the cratedigger's favorite "A [...]

DJ Muro Hawaiian Breaks

DJ Muro – Hawaiian Breaks

DJ Muro's Hawaiian Breaks Tracklist now complete! (I just need to add the little details, like release year, catalog number, record label) ALOHA GOT SOUL is dedicated to the funky, soulful, jazzy sounds of Hawaii, so it's only appropriate that I start with DJ Muro's 1hr+ mix, "Hawaiian Breaks." Released in late 2009, the mp3 [...]