Phase VII & Dolly Parton

With two gigs nightly, 7 days a week aboard the Rella Mae cruise ship, Phase VII must have met many people during their tenure. So I was happy to find this photo in my inbox the other day, courtesy of saxophonist Edd English (far right): Edd gave me a bit of background on Dolly Parton's [...]

“Summer” by Audy Kimura

Audy (Audwin) Kimura's "Summer" is simply beautiful, despite its aural complexity. Even with the strings, keys, percussion and guitars floating around, the song remains melodic and unpretentious from start to finish. I especially love when the electric piano or the guitar riffs at just the right moment, jumping out at you. It adds to the [...]

Vic Malo – “S/T”

Sometimes my focus gets lost so deeply in the instrumentation of a song that I forget to listen to the vocalist! With Vic Malo's LP, this happens to me quite often. Guitars, orchestration/strings, keyboards, horns—everything complements everything, no musical opportunity was lost in the songwriting and arrangements (with the help of Don Ralke). Of course, [...]

A Few Finds

Recent plans to go back to the islands for a short vacation have fallen through, so I'm left digging for Hawaiian records some 2500 miles away from Honolulu. Can't say that these albums satisfied my need to dig through bins at Hungry Ear, Jelly's, Rainbow's, and all the thrift stores on O'ahu. But it was [...]

Momi – Borne in a Faint Streak of Light

Such beautiful music fills the grooves of Momi's Borne in a Faint Streak of Light. Released in 1979 on CRI Recording (a private label?), the LP is layered with swaying horns, crisp drumming, delicate harping and Momi's child-like, angelic voice. Each track sounds like it descended upon Earth via a falling cloud. Not that the [...]