“It’s a Beautiful Morning…”

The song "Countryside Beauty" has been on repeat for the past 24 hours, so it's evident that I'd be sharing this one with you today. There's something about the islands song that emanates the lush tropical smells and views of Hawaii... Today's a short post. Enjoy the video, I'll have more on Tender Leaf in [...]

DJ & the Spice of Life – “Tell Me Once More”

That DJ Muro tracklist is nearly complete, aside from information like label, year, album title. But one thing's now definite: DJ & the Spice of Life are responsible for "Blue Moon". I came across Tell Me Once More on eBay a while ago, saw the songs listed and immediately knew this was the band whose [...]

Cool Sound / Cool Hawaii Japanese Record Label

Aside from say, Mackey Feary's Black & White CD, there haven't been too many reissues of Hawaiian LPs in the U.S. (at least the kine I'm looking for). But do you remember what I said about those Japanese record enthusiasts? Needless to say, some of the best Hawaiian funk/soul/jazz has been re-released on CD via [...]

Momi – Borne in a Faint Streak of Light

Such beautiful music fills the grooves of Momi's Borne in a Faint Streak of Light. Released in 1979 on CRI Recording (a private label?), the LP is layered with swaying horns, crisp drumming, delicate harping and Momi's child-like, angelic voice. Each track sounds like it descended upon Earth via a falling cloud. Not that the [...]

More Phase 7

[youtube"=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8x7OmMB7_0"] "Sweet Love" by Phase VII, from their Windjammer album. From what I know, this song is part of a self-titled album by the band. Definitely released after Playtime. Maybe their 3rd album? Here's the tracklist: 1. Sweet Love 2. Girl, It's Up To Me 3. Show Me Your Magic 4. Angels Around You 5. [...]