Fly With Me: The Story of Aiko and her Music

When paired together, Aiko's "Fly With Me" and "Time Machine" complement each other so well that a 7-inch on Aloha Got Soul was in order. Here's the story of how AGS-7005 came to be.

Digging for vinyl gems at the Hawaii Record Fair

The 2016 Hawaii Record Fair (New Location!)

The one and only annual gathering of vinyl record dealers and enthusiasts is the Hawaii Record Fair.  And it's returning to Honolulu in greater glory on Sunday, October 9th, 2016. Founded in 2012 by the oldest record shop on Oahu—Hungry Ear Records—the fair continues to grow and evolve. This year it'll forgo its regular venue for a ...

Mix: Heavy Mellow, exploring Hawaii’s seriously sublime musical palette

Heavy mellow: two words that can describe so much of the music that's created in Hawaii. This is what inspired us in our latest mix, the relaxed sounds of our islands that move us deeply. On June 10th, 2016, clothing company Claymore Minds invited Aloha Got Soul to spin records for the launch party of ...

Interview: ʻĀina’s Howard Shapiro Leads Us to “Your Light”, Spirituality, and Life In Hawaii

"There is only one world and one race upon this earth. We all are children of the light knowing within our hearts that love will bring us all together again. To all of you who are sharing with us and seeking the light, I send you all the love in my heart and spirit." This is an ...

Interview: The Story of Aura, with Beverly Orbello and Vince Mendoza

Aura has for a long time remained a mystery to me. I first heard their music on the oft-referenced "Hawaiian Breaks" mix that DJ Muro released in 2009. At that time I had no idea who the band was. Thankfully, with the help of a handful of dedicated individuals, I was able to identify the mix's complete tracklist and ...

Soul Time In Waikiki

When the opportunity arose to work with The Surfjack, we realized we could bring Soul Time to the one place on Oahu that's been needing it for some time. That's why we're launching Soul Time In Waikiki.

A Modern Day Must-Have: Alika Lyman’s Leis of Jazz, Volume 2

Alika isn't looking to blow minds with deliciously innovative tracks that would push jazz music to new horizons. Instead he offers the end user a laid back listening experience that from start to finish transports you to an intimate jazz club on the dreamy shores of Hawaii.

Aura: Familial Music with Familiar Connections

There's no question that Aura's sole album needs to be heard once again. It's an undeniably potent blend of jazz and funk highlighted by the Mendoza family's signature sound: an unstoppable horn section with two sisters as lead vocalists.

Interview: Al Nobriga, “You don’t choose music. Music chooses you.”

Al Nobriga graduated from high school in Kauai in 1960. Following graduation, he moved to Oahu and attended Brigham Young University from 1960 to 1965. He started playing music in 8th grade. Nobriga's entire family is musical, and they'd have kanikapila's (jam sessions) on Kauai often. Nobriga remembers that his uncle had a Gibson Sunburst guitar, and that he was intrigued ...

Recap: The Two Year Anniversary of Soul Time In Hawaii

I feel like there are really just too many ways to tell you about this two year anniversary of Soul Time In Hawaii, which was actually more than just an anniversary — it was a week-long celebration of a humble party that's grown to connect the dots across decades and time zones. In 2014, Soul Time represented ...