Halfby - Beach Baby Be Mine feat. Richard Natto / Remix by Roger Bong (EMF-104)
Halfby - Beach Baby Be Mine feat. Richard Natto / Remix by Roger Bong (EMF-104)
Halfby - Beach Baby Be Mine feat. Richard Natto / Remix by Roger Bong (EMF-104)

Halfby - Beach Baby Be Mine feat. Richard Natto / Remix by Roger Bong (EMF-104)

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Collaborative 7-inch vinyl release with Second Royal Records in Japan! "Beach Baby Be Mine" is an original composition by producer Halfby featuring vocals and lyrics by Hawaii's own Richard Natto. Halfby tapped AGS label boss Roger Bong to do a remix for the B-side, the result being a nostalgic trip of love, sunshine and good days. 

Pressed in Japan. Limited stock available. 


Reviewed by Ryohei Matsunaga (Rhythm & Pencil) in Japanese (translated by Google Translate): 

Richard Natto's song "Beach Baby Be Mine" from the new work "Loco" will be released as a 7-inch in collaboration with ALOHA GOT SOUL! Coupling includes REMIX by ALOHA GOT SOUL boss Roger Bong!

I feel that Hawaii for HALFBY is "reverse saudade". Translated as "nostalgia," the feeling is a mix of familiarity and sadness that comes from thinking about one's hometown. The reason why I feel it's the opposite is because I see expressions in his music that seem to find "loco" (hometown) in a place that shouldn't be where he comes from.

I sometimes think that HALFBY's sampling and cut-ups resemble tourist photos. There is a well-aimed shot, and sometimes a snapshot taken by chance becomes an important record. Sometimes, you may have a relationship with the person reflected in the photo and start exchanging words. "My name is Richard Natto. I sing," he introduces himself, and the music begins. HALFBY's music invites you to such delusions. Good dance music touches the heart as much as it touches the body, so it's easy to do that.
Richard Natto is a Hawaiian singer-songwriter. He made his debut in the 1970s with the duo Toma & Natto, which he teamed up with a friend who admired Hall & Oates. Known for the cover art of a baby's buttocks, his first solo album "Not Just Another Pretty Face" (1980/Look for it and listen to it because it's the best), which is still quietly loved, was originally supposed to be Toma & Natto's second album, but A work that was supposed to be finished alone to dissolve the duo. That slight loneliness made his sweet singing voice sound even more naive.

I listened to Richard Natto's singing voice for the first time in a long time on the HALFBY album. I was surprised to find that naivety in his comfortable guitar cuts, sweet and sour chorus, and his singing voice, which should be easily over 60 years old. And I want to hug you. HALFBY pours gorgeous rawness into bouncing tracks. The remix by ALOHA GOT SOUL's Roger Bong is also wonderful because it focuses on the irresistible loveliness that resides in Richard's voice forever.

Richard, a local boy who has lived in Hawaii dreaming of a world beyond the beach, must have always had a "reverse saudade". I think everyone involved in this single has that feeling, and it literally became a groove (groove of the record). I think it's a lovely double cider.


新作『Loco』からRichard Natto参加曲「Beach Baby Be Mine」が、ALOHA GOT SOULとのコラボで7インチ・リリース!カップリングにはALOHA GOT SOULのボスRoger BongによるREMIXを収録!

- 作品紹介 -


リチャード・ナットは、ハワイのシンガー・ソングライター。1970年代にホール&オーツあたりに憧れて友人と組んだデュオ、トーマ&ナットでデビューした。赤ちゃんのお尻ジャケで知られ、今も静かに愛され続けるファースト・ソロ『Not Just Another Pretty Face』(1980/最高だから探して聴きなよ)は、もともとトーマ&ナットのセカンドになるはずが、デュオ解消のためひとりで仕上げることになった作品。そのちょっとした淋しさが彼の甘い歌声をよりいっそうナイーヴに響かせた。

HALFBYのアルバムでひさしぶりにリチャード・ナットの歌声を聴いた。心地よいギターカッティング、甘酸っぱいコーラス、そして60歳は軽く超えているはずの彼の歌声に、あのナイーヴさがそのままあることに驚く。そして、抱きしめたくなる。HALFBYは、バウンスするトラックにゴージャスな生(なま)を惜しげもなく注ぎ込む。ALOHA GOT SOUL主宰のロジャー・ボンによるリミックスも、リチャードの声に永遠に宿る、憎めない惚れっぽさにフォーカスしていて素敵だ。