Kapena Mokiao - Lover's Chune (RRD-003)
Kapena Mokiao - Lover's Chune (RRD-003)
Roots Run Deep

Kapena Mokiao - Lover's Chune (RRD-003)

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The third release on Roots Run Deep brings an irresistable, summertime lover's rock original: "Lover's Chune" by ultra smooth Hawaiian vocalist Kapena Mokiao.

Produced by Vancouver, BC's Dub Master Kahn, who first uploaded "Lover's Chune" to the web in 2016, this newly minted 7" vinyl includes a dubbed out version from DM himself, titled "Dubber's Chune".

Guaranteed rotation all year long.

Available June 18, 2021. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.