MasterSounds x Aloha Got Soul Turntable Weight
MasterSounds x Aloha Got Soul Turntable Weight
MasterSounds x Aloha Got Soul Turntable Weight

MasterSounds x Aloha Got Soul Turntable Weight

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Premium turntable weight from MasterSounds UK, bearing the Aloha Got Soul logo. Produced in an edition of 20. Excellent for DJ or home listening use. Built to last a lifetime.

Weighs 405g (about 15oz).

Dimensions: 80mm diameter X 41mm height.

Includes velvet carrying pouch and hand-number product tag and delivered in a sturdy cardboard box.

From MasterSounds:

Milled out of a solid block of high-grade aluminum, the MasterSounds turntable weight has been skillfully designed by MasterSounds founder Ryan Shaw to reduce a turntable’s noise floor, improving the musical soundstage. By placing the turntable weight via the spindle on top of a record, its heaviness reduces unwanted resonance, providing improved bass response, tighter mids, and controlled highs.

Be it your beloved 12”, 10”, 7” or even 7” “45’s”, MasterSounds turntable weights are compatible. For a 45 with a large punched hole, simply add a plastic ‘dink’ and place our turntable weight on top, giving superior control, feel and sound compared to a traditional 45 adapter. 

Featuring an anti-slip base that grips the record, meaning you can then use the knurled top of the weight to nudge the record forwards and backwards when you’re perfecting a DJ mix, or gently helping your beloved belt-driven HiFi turntable rotate up to speed.

Pressing plants try to achieve quality control on every record made, however, there are intrinsic issues that can appear, such as dished or warped records. DJs, this one can be especially helpful by adding weight to your dished/warped record and encouraging the record to flatten and stabilise it aids in cueing a problematic record prior to playing or mixing and eliminates needle skip.

Each MasterSounds turntable weight weighs 405g, which means it’s perfect for use on most direct-drive and none suspended belt-drive turntables. We are proud to have tested our turntable weights on almost every turntable brand out there, with fantastic results. 

Every MasterSounds Turntable Weight is made to last, and for safekeeping is supplied with a soft, durable velvet style pouch. So pop it in the record bag and play with confidence, or store it safely when at home.