Seprock - beat tape side a & b (2LP)
Seprock - beat tape side a & b (2LP)

Seprock - beat tape side a & b (2LP)

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Modest yet mind blowing, this understated masterpiece from Seprock is a true-to-life parallel to the beatmaker's personality. 

Hailing from Wahiawa, long-time New Orleans resident Seprock brings together a diverse source of sounds — sampled and original — to create beat tape side a & b, an exercise in effortless production and genre-crossing style.

From the folks at Picaddilly Records:

"...the way that samples are dropped in create the most incredible vibes, especially track three hosting a chilled instrumental sample of Michael Jackson’s ‘Got To Be There'. [It] took three members of staff scratching their heads trying to figure it out."

beat tape is part of a series of alphabetically cataloged works Seprock has been compiling over the years. This vinyl release comprised 24 wandering, woozy, and understated collages that you'd be hard-pressed to label as simply "hip hop".

There's much more going on here than you might think.