English translation of Aiko’s “Fly With Me” and “Time Machine”

With the help of a Japanese professor, Google translate, and a small working knowledge of the language, I was able to piece together a simple translation of Aiko's "Fly With Me" and "Time Machine". This is a simple way for non-Japanese speakers to understand what the songs are about.

2016 gives us ‘The Rhythm Of Life’ on LP (finally)

Last November we released (sort of) the long-awaited reissue of Mike Lundy's 1980 Hawaiian holy grail, The Rhythm Of Life. It was accepted with great reviews from critics and listeners worldwide—the title track made it onto Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Winners 2015 list, which broadcast in December. "The crown jewels of Hawaiian funk, from 1980 — with an open, upful [...]

Strut Records & Aloha Got Soul: A compilation of funk, disco, AOR, and soul in Hawai‘i 1979-1985

We are extremely pleased to tell you that for that past 12 months we've been working with London's Strut Records on a compilation entitled Aloha Got Soul: Soul, AOR & Disco in Hawai‘i 1979-1985, and it hits stores worldwide in February 2016. Compiled by Roger Bong, the aptly-titled Aloha Got Soul comprises 16 tracks of inspired funk, disco, jazz and AOR [...]

Mike Lundy 'The Rhythm Of Life' LP

Mike Lundy’s ‘The Rhythm Of Life’ now available worldwide

Mike Lundy's The Rhythm Of Life is finally available again in its full glory: the nine-track quintessential Hawaiian funk/soul opus that has come to represent the birth of the Aloha Got Soul record label and the rebirth of Lundy's almost forgotten masterpiece. Here's a snippet from the liner notes which expresses my feelings for this special project: [...]

AGS-LP001: A Look at the Liner Notes

The premise behind every Aloha Got Soul release is to tell a story beyond the music. The story of Mike Lundy is mysterious, complex, and layered with good intentions. The story of this reissue project is marked by multiple coincidences throughout the process of rereleasing music from The Rhythm Of Life—so much so, in fact, [...]

The Second Release from Aloha Got Soul: Mike Lundy’s “Nothin Like Dat Funky Funky Music”

"I found that special find". Look closely, and you'll see those words inscribed in the dead wax on the flip side of AGS-7002, the second release from the Aloha Got Soul blog-turned-label (but still a blog!). The idea came to me in January after picking up a copy of RVNG Intl's anthology music by Ariel Kalma. RVNG's attention [...]