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A recap of Soul Time in Tokyo: Beams, a-bridge, Diskunion and more

Records stores, chance meetings, last minute errands, longtime friends, free beer, and the first train in the morning. A recap of Soul Time in Tokyo 2017.

‘Aloha Got Soul’ compilation nominated for two Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards

The hope for every project on the Aloha Got Soul label is to create a lasting document of timeless music that reaches a new crop of listeners in Hawaii and the world. For a place like Hawaii, so isolated from the rest of the world, it is invaluable to create an exchange of knowledge and ideas between these islands and distant destinations.

Muro meets Aloha Got Soul, ÆOLUS goes to Brooklyn

March 2017 marks a pair of monumental events in Aloha Got Soul's seven-year history: DJ Muro comes to Hawaii, and Robert ÆOLUS Myers goes to Brooklyn to perform.

January 14, 2017: Presenting the first Aloha Got Soul Documentary Film

We're hosting a special event on Saturday, January 14th at the Surfjack hotel: Aloha Got Soul Documentary Film Exclusive preview screening + talk story Q&A + live music by Maryanne Ito Saturday, January 14th, 2017 7pm - 11pm The Surfjack Hotel Free entry So we've been scurrying around Honolulu, coffee-fueled, shooting interviews with all kinds of ...

Digging for vinyl gems at the Hawaii Record Fair

The 2016 Hawaii Record Fair (New Location!)

The one and only annual gathering of vinyl record dealers and enthusiasts is the Hawaii Record Fair.  And it's returning to Honolulu in greater glory on Sunday, October 9th, 2016. Founded in 2012 by the oldest record shop on Oahu—Hungry Ear Records—the fair continues to grow and evolve. This year it'll forgo its regular venue for a ...

Soul Time In Waikiki

When the opportunity arose to work with The Surfjack, we realized we could bring Soul Time to the one place on Oahu that's been needing it for some time. That's why we're launching Soul Time In Waikiki.

Recap: The Two Year Anniversary of Soul Time In Hawaii

I feel like there are really just too many ways to tell you about this two year anniversary of Soul Time In Hawaii, which was actually more than just an anniversary — it was a week-long celebration of a humble party that's grown to connect the dots across decades and time zones. In 2014, Soul Time represented ...

Gaurab Thakali: Designing Soul Time In Hawaii’s Two Year Anniversary

For the two year anniversary of Soul Time In Hawaii, we worked with South London artist Gaurab Thakali to produce a small edition of hand finished screen prints which became our event poster. We were drawn to Gaurab's work for his imaginative illustration of the early American jazz scene. He captures this period with a warmth that's missing ...

Soul Time at Two Years: Connecting the old with the new, the local with the global

In March 2014, Aloha Got Soul hosted a dual-city party in London and Honolulu. We called it Soul Time In Hawaii, and since then we've been hosting it every month in Honolulu, London, and Chicago. You might remember the mix we created for the party:   Now it's 2016, and we're celebrating the two year anniversary of ...

That Tokyo Melody: DJ Notoya at Soul Time In Hawaii

When paired with photos from the evening, DJ Notoya's recording transports the listener to Soul Time In Hawaii. Together they recreate an authentic, nostalgic experience of what this monthly all-vinyl event in Honolulu is like. Even though the sound quality is far from perfect, it perfectly captures more than a mix ever could.