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Mix: Heavy Mellow, exploring Hawaii’s seriously sublime musical palette

Heavy mellow: two words that can describe so much of the music that's created in Hawaii. This is what inspired us in our latest mix, the relaxed sounds of our islands that move us deeply. On June 10th, 2016, clothing company Claymore Minds invited Aloha Got Soul to spin records for the launch party of ...

That Tokyo Melody: DJ Notoya at Soul Time In Hawaii

When paired with photos from the evening, DJ Notoya's recording transports the listener to Soul Time In Hawaii. Together they recreate an authentic, nostalgic experience of what this monthly all-vinyl event in Honolulu is like. Even though the sound quality is far from perfect, it perfectly captures more than a mix ever could.

Aloha Got Soul Presents: Mystery Blues, a mix highlighting Nohelani Cypriano

Some things take time, something we don't always have enough of. I first connected with Rob Butler, the man behind Be With Records, in October 2014. He sent me a friendly email and mentioned plans to visit Hawaii in mid-2015. Rob and I both do the same kind of thing: run a record label that focuses on ...

8 Hours, 100% Hawaiian Vinyl: The 1-Year Anniversary of Soul Time.

On March 26, 2015, Aloha Got Soul celebrated the one-year anniversary of Soul Time In Hawaii, our monthly all-vinyl party right here in Honolulu. To celebrate, we played 100% Hawaiian vinyl all night: 8 hours straight. Initially, the Soul Time party was a one-off event in two cities to promote a tee/mixtape collab I did with ...

Mike Lundy’s Making Waves: Recent Press + “Aloha From Chicago” Mix by DJ Solson

A brief overview of what's been happening with this first release (a 7-inch by Mike Lundy, in case you missed it) and the new Soul Time sister party: Soul Time In Chicago.

‘Soul Time In Hawaii’: A Collaboration With Weekends West

Introducing Soul Time In Hawaii, Weekends West's first t-shirt available to the public, accompanied by an all-vinyl soundtrack of proper soul, funk and disco music from the Hawaiian Islands, mixed by Roger Bong.

Dig This Vibe: All-Vinyl Dance Party on July 20

Every Dig This Vibe event becomes one of the greatest nights of my life. On July 20, we're featuring veteran vinyl DJs Papa Woowu and Jah Gumby. I'd like to introduce you to their styles with these two mixes.

36 Hours In Paradise: Andrew Brearley at Dig This Vibe

Hands down one of the best weekends ever: Andrew Brearley (Meaty Ogre) of Cherries Records spent 36 hours in Honolulu. I'm not sure how it happened, but Meaty Ogre was in Hawaii and everyone was grateful.

Hawaiian Salt

Hawaiian Salt officially dropped last week. Now you can download a free, fully tracked version of the mix. Yup, 27 tracks of funk, soul and groove music created right here in Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Salt mix

Stream the Hawaiian Salt Mix Now

The long-awaited Hawaiian Salt mix is finally available to stream online in full! Listen now right here via Soundcloud.