More Teasers from the Final 70s Night Club Reunion Show

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you might’ve noticed a barrage of tweets last night linking to videos of Aura, Power Point, Phase 7, Nueva Vida (with Lil Albert and Carla Young Elsman), and Greenwood rocking some heavy disco-era tunes.

Aloha Got Soul: Greenwood at the 70s Night Club Reunion

Those were just 5 teaser videos that Irwin ‘Supes’ Santos posted to YouTube the other day, giving Hawaiian funk/soul discotheque fans a taste of the upcoming 70s Night Club Reunion live DVD set.

Keep in mind: these videos feature rough audio mixdowns—and are not the finished product! For that, you’ve got to order the DVD!

Good news: the deadline to place your order has been extended to July 5th!

In the spirit of ‘Hawaiian Time’, you can now order your DVD set for $35 (plus shipping) until July 5th!

Email Irwin ‘Supes’ Santos for more detailsThis is your last chance!

Click below to watch a video. (Be sure to watch them in HD!)

Read my previous post, “Something to Shout About: the Final 70s Night Club Reunion”.

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