Wooford-Keat Road To Home LP

Wofford-Keat “Cheri”

Wofford-Keat's "Cheri"—which has been performed by artists like the Kingston Trio and the Peter Moon Band—is a nostalgic love song that transports listeners to a paradise high above the clouds, where Cheri and her silver bird glide gracefully. Listen to "Cheri" and hear for yourself.

Steve Wofford and Phil Keat of Wofford-Keat

Interview: Phil Keat of Wofford-Keat

Phil Keat and Steve Wofford spent two weeks recording their debut LP, "Road To Home" in Herb Ono's Sounds of Hawaii studio. With appearances from artists like Henry Kapono and Gaylord Holomalia, "Road To Home" is a pleasant mixture of gentle, soulful tunes reminiscent of Country Comfort and American soft rock/AOR of the era. But I'll let Phil Keat tell you more about it.

Wofford-Keat Road To Home LP

Wofford-Keat “Terrie & Me”

Here's a nice jam. "Terrie & Me" grew from the local music scene in the 1970s, a time when acoustic guitars and harmonizing vocalists could be found in almost every contemporary Hawaiian band. Country Comfort, Cecilio & Kapono, Olomana—these were Hawaii's big-name-bands of the era, often influenced by mainland acts such as America, The Eagles, [...]