In Malibu: The Lookout

Summer and Kalapana: the Malibu House

Surrounding yourself with musicians is a great way to stay inspired. Living with them in a huge house by the beach? Even better. Ron Yuen of the Hawaii band Summer recalls living with the members of Kalapana—including Mackey Feary, DJ Pratt, Malani Bilyeu, Alvin Fejarang—at a house in Malibu. Here's part 2 of my interview with Ron Yuen.

Aloha Got Soul: Mackey Feary, Unplugged

Treasures on Tape: Mackey Feary Unplugged

To die-hard fans of Mackey: you'll smile, you'll cry, you'll cherish these recordings that YouTube user paxukulele recently uploaded. Despite the poor audio quality (not only was it a live recording, it's on cassette tape, remember those things?), the 9 minutes 33 seconds of Mack and friends jamming is a perfect way to uplift anyone's [...]

Mackey Feary “Moon & Stars” (live)

"Moon & Stars" (live) by Mackey FearyA live recording of Mackey Feary singing "Moon & Stars" resurfaced on YouTube earlier this week. I wonder where it was recorded? No doubt he performed this with Kalapana, those backup vocals are so sweet! Enjoy this tender version of "Moon & Stars" courtesy of paxukulele. Keep his music [...]

Mackey Feary Band Memorabilia

Mackey, Memorabilia and Mysteries

Update: Mahalo to Greenwood’s Wayne Nakamura (Bari, Tenor, Alto Saxes) for putting all these displays together! When I arrived at the 70s Night Club Reunion last weekend, I immediately took notice to the row of memorabilia that filled half a dozen display boards. It was the first thing I saw, and it mesmerized me. 'Memory Lane' [...]

2011 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards

2011 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards: Quick Wrap-up

Here's a quick overview of what I took away from the 2011 Na Hoku Hanohano awards festival. Kalapana performing "Naturally" live as the recipients of a Lifetime Achievement Award (just magnificent!). Touch of Gold. A Hawaiian Philly Motown Soul-style vocal group with a touch of, well, gold. Resonating quotes from presenters and award-winners Photos, photos, photos Bob Dylan, Slack [...]