Rob Mehl Taste and See 1980

Rob Mehl “Taste & See” (It’s Good)

I've been blessed with more contemporary Hawaiian music lately, this time it's Rob Mehl's Taste and See album from 1980 [MRC 005 / Ministry Resource Center]. I've been wanting to hear "House on the Rock" for a long, long time. Here it is today. Taste and See is a Christian-inspired album, with lots of AOR [...]

More Phase 7

[youtube"="] "Sweet Love" by Phase VII, from their Windjammer album. From what I know, this song is part of a self-titled album by the band. Definitely released after Playtime. Maybe their 3rd album? Here's the tracklist: 1. Sweet Love 2. Girl, It's Up To Me 3. Show Me Your Magic 4. Angels Around You 5. [...]