Nohelani Cypriano "Around Again"

Interview: Nohelani Cypriano, Ahead Of Her Time

You all know Nohelani Cypriano. She's probably the reason why you love Hawaiian funk music. Her LP, Around Again, has been on your list of most-wanted albums for a long time because no matter how many times you listen to "Lihue", you keep coming back for more. I can gratefully say that today I had the special privilege of asking Nohelani some in-depth questions about her music career. What I've learned from our conversation is this: Nohelani was ahead of her time. But I'll let her tell you about it.

Nohelani Cypriano "Lihue" 1977 music video

Nohelani Cypriano “Lihue” Music Video (1977)

I should've seen it coming, but this surprised me: the original 1977 music video for "Lihue" by Nohelani Cypriano. Thanks to Hawaiian music collector Yoshi—whose initial upload of Brandon Bray & Brown Spice performing "Polynesian Girl" brought Ron Jacob's KKUA Home Grown TV series to life on the web—Nohelani and Dennis Graue's "Lihue" music video [...]