Michael Paulo: Java and Jazz at Jazz Minds, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Michael Paulo at Jazz Minds: Java and Jazz

Michael Paulo ushered a rotating string of artists up to the stage at Jazz Minds Café in Honolulu. He traded drummer for drummer for drummer, bassist for bassist plus another bassist. Michael added a guitarist to the mix, also switching out the pianist and adding another keyboardist, and all the while taking his five to 10 minute-long solos to new heights. This is Michael Paulo's Java and Jazz.

Project Monday at Jazz Minds

Project Monday at Jazz Minds

Every week, a group of musicians calling themselves Project Monday gather at Jazz Minds cafe in Honolulu. The result is a hot mix of Latin jazz fusion a la Blue note during it peak era. No other clubs out there are doing this kind of thing right now. You can't find jam sessions like this in Honolulu, where some of Hawaii's best musicians collaborate in a wide-open platform with no restraints.

“Tender Leaf has arrived”

(This post has been updated since its original version first appeared) Today marks an important moment in Aloha Got Soul's existence, as well as the history of Hawaiian music (in my opinion, at least). I've been lucky enough to interview—let alone track down—Murray Compoc Spencer, the lead singer from Tender Leaf. Tender Leaf was a [...]

Babadu – Babadu!

When you live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you wake up everyday and it's beautiful outside. When you live in the Pacific Northwest, summer stops by for two months or so. The rest of the year you wake up and it's gray, dreary and rainy outside. That's why I like Babadu. His music [...]