Mackey Feary Band Memorabilia

Mackey, Memorabilia and Mysteries

Update: Mahalo to Greenwood’s Wayne Nakamura (Bari, Tenor, Alto Saxes) for putting all these displays together! When I arrived at the 70s Night Club Reunion last weekend, I immediately took notice to the row of memorabilia that filled half a dozen display boards. It was the first thing I saw, and it mesmerized me. 'Memory Lane' [...]

Rob Mehl Taste and See 1980

Rob Mehl “Taste & See” (It’s Good)

I've been blessed with more contemporary Hawaiian music lately, this time it's Rob Mehl's Taste and See album from 1980 [MRC 005 / Ministry Resource Center]. I've been wanting to hear "House on the Rock" for a long, long time. Here it is today. Taste and See is a Christian-inspired album, with lots of AOR [...]

Digital Fix: Nohelani Cypriano

The beginning notes and bird calls of "Lihue" quickly hook you into what becomes 3 full minutes of a seriously tropical groove. I played it last night and again today, and I swear the song gets better with each listen. But you don't have to be from Hawaii to enjoy "Lihue"—music lovers from Detroit to [...]

Aura “Yesterday’s Love”

Since my interview with Toshi, whose label Cool Sound reissued an album by Aura, I've been meaning to post my own videos of Aura's music... but why wait if someone else has one up? Here's an outstanding track about love lost, called "Yesterday's Love". It gives me chills to listen to! Her voice is so [...]

Momi – Borne in a Faint Streak of Light

Such beautiful music fills the grooves of Momi's Borne in a Faint Streak of Light. Released in 1979 on CRI Recording (a private label?), the LP is layered with swaying horns, crisp drumming, delicate harping and Momi's child-like, angelic voice. Each track sounds like it descended upon Earth via a falling cloud. Not that the [...]