Fabulous Krush

Fabulous Krush: That Summertime Sound

I'm in love with the album "Blame it on the Night" by Robert Byrne, an Alabama songwriter whose music I can listen to over and over throughout the day. His music guides the listener through a strong emotional sway with every story he creates. Each song is powerful yet gentle, persuasive yet passive, immediately memorable to [...]

Hal Bradbury “Babe I Want You”

"Babe I Want You" by Hal Bradbury If you've been longing for a heavy tune from Hal Bradbury—his previous efforts featured on Aloha Got Soul have been smooth, laid-back, and jazzy—this is it. Sexy, groovy, dancefloor-ready: "Babe I Want You" is ripe for the arsenal of the modern-day, crate-digging DJ, whose turntables crave that obscure rare [...]

Hal Bradubury “You Send Me”

"You Send Me" by Hal Bradbury This song is almost too good to be true, just like that feeling you get when you know you're with the love of your life. Hal Bradbury thrills us with "You Send Me", a smooth, modern soul jam that's not-so-heavy on the synth or drums or guitar riff—which is [...]

Hal Bradbury “Call Me”

"Call Me" by Hal Bradbury  One of my favorites from This Is Love by Hal Bradbury, singer for Hawaiian group The Krush, is the song "Call Me". Hal's brewed a soothing blend of Hawaiian modern soul, pop and funk with this cut, which is actually the B-Side to the rare "This Is Love" 7" single on [...]

Robert Byrne’s “Blame It On The Night”

Covered by the Fabulous Krush but eternalized by its original composer on the AOR album of the same name, "Blame It On The Night" is one of the most laid-back tunes ever. But it wasn't written by a Hawaiian musician, yet it's worth mentioning on this Hawaiian music blog! The late Robert Byrne, a resident [...]